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"Truth - more precisely, an accurate understanding of reality - is the essential foundation for producing good outcomes."
Ray Dalio

Made up by an experienced team of professionals, Realstays LTD (FKA is a new consulting firm that focuses on real estate investments and property management.

Our mission is to help our clients making successful investment decisions and develop their real estate businesses. We have worked with luxury property owners, large property managers, technology providers and concierge services to optimize their marketing performance and help them expand to new markets.

You can check our full list of projects here: Our Projects

Exclusively focused on new proptech, property management and real estate projects, the Realstays team is experienced both in finding new marketing opportunities for property owners and helping real estate businesses increase their revenues.

Within the next several years, we envision new tech, particularly machine learning, smart contracts and automation to play a fundamental role in advancing proptech and property management, while innovating multiple sections of the industry.

Realstays LTD is run by Ivan Meduri with the help of a curated team of industry veterans, real estate gurus and proptech geeks.


Whether it's increasing your property inventory, expand your network, strategic consulting, more sales - we've seen it. We've done it. That's why we'll listen to anything and offer solutions. We are inspired by our "Show-Me-Your-Problem" attitude and we will help you reach your objectives.
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Our Projects
We helped these companies succeed.

All-Luxury-Apartments is managing one of the largest selections of high-end apartments in the world. Every apartment is handpicked and reviewed indipendently to match high quality criteria.

Miami Vacation Rentals is a luxury apartments rental agency based in Miami, FL with over 40 units under management in multiple high-end condos in the best locations. We have helped them to improve their performance on distribution channels and to keep track of their KPIs.

AMMJ Vacation Homes was a family-friendly villa rental company with over 50 villas under management around Orlando, FL and near the Disney World resorts. We have co-hosted all their units and increased their revenue from distribution channels, while managing their guests' communication and post-stay follow-up. It has been acquired by a large property management group in 2019.

Sun Cabo is a luxury villa rentals with over 150 units under management in Los Cabos, Mexico.
We have helped them by optimize their Airbnb listings for a better conversion of inquiries into confirmed bookings.

MilanApartmentRental is one of the largest luxury apartments rental agencies in Milan, Italy.
We have helped them optimize their listings to perform better on their sales channels and generate more bookings and higher revenue.

Jacqueline Tsuma has helped entrepreneurs located around the world build their investments and businesses in Africa. In addition to coaching and training enterprenuers and local businesses, and provided outsourced services to help them grow, she has worked with large international development organizations to help them leverage the most current marketing and social media strategies to reach their target markets. was a leading Airbnb Optimization Service provider that helps Airbnb hosts improve their ranking and performance. We fully own and operate this website, it has enabled us to reach our target audience of property managers from all around the world.
Currently we are scaling to be able to provide services to Airbnb hosts in South-East Asia.

HostyClub is a one-to-one marketing tool for vacation rental management companies, which consists of two products: the ‘Welcome Set’ and the ‘Member Club Card.’ Both products are given to each guest upon arrival, which creates an on-boarding process designed to increase customer loyalty, return bookings, and digital referrals.

Sky Apartments are renting luxury apartments with high-end design in the most luxurious towers in Moscow, Russia. We have helped them rebuild their listings' content to perform better on their sales channels.

360 Suites are managing over 100 apartments in few buildings in central Sao Paolo, Brazil. We have assisted them in their technology strategy, listing optimization and occupancy management.

CreteVillas4U is one of the largest luxury villas rental management companies in Greece with over 20 years experience in hospitality and vacation rentals. We have helped them set their channel distribution strategy particularly with Airbnb.

Roominger is a large full service property management with properties under contract in French Riviera, Malaga and Phuket.

Hostology puts the data that matters at your fingertips. Understand the market, identify smart investments, price your property for success, and automate your business from the ground-up.

BnbFusion is a vacation rental listing site that allows users to pay for a booking with cryptocurrencies and provides low commission bookings for their owners and managers.

SETT helps you re-imagine the concept of renting, with monthly payments that give you full access to apartments in multiple cities around the world. Bounce around to any of our cities, whenever you want.

LiveOnRiviera is a global real estate network that connects real estate agents, building and service professionals, and property owners. Their international network will helps you buy, rent or renovate your property in the world’s most sought after regions.